Notice on the Handling of Applications of IP Vietnam

NEWS ALERT: IP Vietnam Issues Notice No. 333/TB-SHTT on Handling of Applications.

The Law No. 07/2022/QH15 on amending and supplementing articles of the Law on Intellectual Property was enacted by the National Assembly on June 16, 2022 and became effective on January 1, 2023. However, guidelines for the amended law have not been issued, causing difficulties in establishing and protecting IP rights. To address this issue, IP Vietnam issued Notice No. 333/TB-SHTT on February 2, 2023, outlining the handling of applications.

For applications submitted before January 1, 2023, IP Vietnam will continue to process them using existing documents with some minor format modifications. However, for documents related to industrial design, patent, and trademark registration applications, some revisions are required based on the Law on Amendments and Supplements and related decrees and circulars.

For applications submitted from January 1, 2023, IP Vietnam has suspended the issuance of related documents pending review and modification of the document forms. This article will be updated as further guidance from IP Vietnam becomes available.

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